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Top Flight Financial Webinar with Kathy Muni

Top Flite Financial Webinar with Kathy Muni

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Fixed Income

One big expense like a car repair could send you to a place of financial uncertainty.

We’ve recently seen the highest cost-of-living increase since 1991. You’re living on a fixed income, still trying to pay your mortgage every month, and you’re not sure how you’ll to get by!
Kathy Muni offers Seniors peace of mind.

A reverse mortgage gives you better cash flow every month so you can handle the higher cost of living. You still own the home, so you still pay taxes, insurance and maintain the home, but you never need to make another mortgage payment as long as you live in the house!

Face the future with confidence.
Call The Most Trusted Name in Senior Lending at 720.717.5070.

Interest Rates

Interest rates affect how much money you get out of your reverse mortgage, so don’t wait to call Kathy Muni!

You’ve been hearing Kathy Muni on Legends for years. You trust her more than those pamphlets you get in the mail because you know her! She’s so good at explaining reverse mortgages clearly on her radio show. You’ve been thinking about calling her for a while; now, it’s time to act.

A reverse mortgage allows you to unlock a portion of your housing wealth, tax free. The lower the interest rate you can find, the more money goes into your pocket. By acting now, while the economy is sluggish and interest rates are still low, you could tap into a larger portion of your housing wealth.

Legends’ Reverse Mortgage Expert Kathy Muni will be happy to explain how interest rates impact your reverse mortgage, so call her today: 720.717.5070.

Kathy Muni, CO License number 100057390.
Top Flite Financial, NMLS number 4181. Branch NMLS number 1987944. Kathy Muni, NMLS number 1368981.

Top Flight Financial Webinar with Kathy Muni

Experience that lightbulb moment when you finally understand how reverse mortgages work!

An educator from way back, Kathy Muni loves explaining how a reverse mortgage could help you breathe a sigh of relief.

You would still need to pay taxes and insurance, of course but without a principal and interest payment, you could comfortably pay your bills every month.

Listen to All Things Reverse Mortgage with Kathy Muni, Saturday at 9:00 AM and Sunday at 10:30 AM right here on Legends.

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