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Top Flight Financial Webinar with Kathy Muni

Top Flite Financial Webinar with Kathy Muni

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Kathy Muni, The Most Trusted Name in Senior Lending, branch manager with Top Flite Financial and host of All Things Reverse Mortgage,
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Personal Service

Kathy Muni can’t remember the last time she had to tell a client, “It’s not going to work after all!”

You need a reverse mortgage to stay in your home of many years. Kathy’s experience equips her to help Seniors in difficult financial situations who might not be able to qualify with another lender. That’s the benefit of working directly with a true expert someone who specializes in this unique loan program rather than a call center.

Kathy doesn’t hand off the work to an assistant; she has a personal interest in your story, taking the time to help you overcome obstacles.

Because Kathy has been involved in hundreds of reverse mortgages, she understands the credit qualifications better than the average mortgage professional. In some cases, she’s been able to help Seniors who were told they couldn’t qualify.

Call the Most Trusted Name in Senior Lending and the only reverse mortgage expert recommended by Legends radio.
Kathy Muni with Top Flite Financial: 720.717.5070

Kathy Muni hears from Seniors in Colorado who want reverse mortgages yet they have a difficult time finding a loan officer who will slow down!

When you call a big, national reverse mortgage company, the person who answers the phone may treat you like just another one of many calls. And the person who ends up handling the details of your loan could be yet another person.

Discover the difference when you call Kathy.

She answers the phone personally, working directly with her clients to overcome obstacles. She walks you through the whole process, getting to know your story on a personal level. Kathy doesn’t work in reverse mortgages merely for the paycheck; she finds the work fulfilling because she helps Seniors every step of the way out of difficult financial situations, providing greater financial security in retirement.

Call the Most Trusted Name in Senior Lending.

Kathy Muni, for individual care and attention 720.717.5070

Kathy Muni, CO License number 100057390.
Top Flite Financial, NMLS number 4181. Corporate NMLS number 4181. Kathy Muni, NMLS number 1368981.

NMLS Consumer Access

Top Flight Financial Webinar with Kathy Muni

Experience that lightbulb moment when you finally understand how reverse mortgages work!

An educator from way back, Kathy Muni loves explaining how a reverse mortgage could help you breathe a sigh of relief.

You would still need to pay taxes and insurance, of course but without a principal and interest payment, you could comfortably pay your bills every month.

Listen to All Things Reverse Mortgage with Kathy Muni, Saturday at 9:00 AM and Sunday at 10:30 AM right here on Legends.

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