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One of your family members passed away and you just inherited the property but you don’t want to keep it. Real estate broker Jeff Piquette at Iron Works Realty has real estate solutions for situations like this one.

Jeff can help you find the right solution for your newly inherited property, working with you to sell any leftover belongings, and cleaning it up where necessary. He can even help you budget for and get the house ready for renovations.

Jeff gives you professional insight on your options moving forward. For instance, when it’s right for you, he can help with finding potential investor candidates. In many cases, he can even buy your home himself.

Reviewing your options with Jeff Piquette of Iron Works Realty helps relieve the stress of deciding what to do with your inherited real estate on your own.

Call him today for an on site property walk and free valuation of your home: 303.489.5569

You just want to move on to the next chapter of your life! When you inherit property from a family member that has passed or is in poor health, Jeff Piquette at Iron Works Realty will help you through what seems like an impossible process getting the house ready for sale.

Jeff’s crews can complete a whole home clean-up to prepare the property for sale by working through what stays and what goes. By working with a local preferred title company, Jeff can help you determine any remaining debt on the property including what loans are outstanding and what the total loan payoff amount is.

Inheriting and selling a house is a massive undertaking by itself, don’t take that on when you’re already dealing with loss. Working with Jeff means having someone who is thinking through and acting on the details that feel difficult to consider, especially when you’re already processing so much.

Call Jeff for a free property valuation and on site walk through and begin the process today at 303.489.5569

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