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We all have to endure the cold winter by bundling up, but your house may be affected more than you know. Joe The Odor Man can identify frozen pipes breaking in your home without you even realizing.

Joe has decades of experience helping people solve the problems in their homes by moisture testing everything. Once the snow and cold weather hits, eventually the snow will defrost, but that is when your pipes and house may become vulnerable.

Frozen pipe breaks can happen to anyone at any time.

A new house or new drywall doesn’t mean your house is properly insulated. Water can easily spread through your walls and/ or carpet without you noticing!

Disaster restoration companies are only part of the short term solution that’s why you need Joe The Odor Man so he can diagnose your house before the damage sets in.

So, call Joe The Odor Man at 720.527.8510 or visit his website.

Winter Weather Alert From “Joe The Odor Man”

Your foundation, basement and crawlspaces are at risk due to standing snow and extreme Freeze-Thaw Cycles.

Here’s Why!

The freeze-thaw cycle, also known as frost heave, is created when water freezes and thaws, expanding and contracting within structures. When water drops below 32°F, it expands by 9%, creating pressure on anything surrounding it. 

When water seeps into cracks or other openings in structures, then freezes and expands, it causes those openings to widen, causing damage. Over time, the wider openings lead to more water finding its way into structures, resulting in a slow but exponential wearing down of their integrity and stability. Water can and will intrude into your home. We are having extreme temperature swings this winter.

Please note: Melting snow and ground water intrusion are not covered by your homeowner’s insurance.
You need to catch this potential issue early before it because a disaster.

The freeze-thaw cycle can affect many home structures, including gutters, utility lines, foundations, walls, and soil. Freeze-thaw cycles often occur during the winter, when freezing temperatures give way to warmer temperatures, melting the snow temporarily, only to freeze over again once the wave fades. The faster this temperature adjustment occurs, the more intense the cycle is, causing more severe structural damage. 

Water Seepage 1 Joe the Order Man
Water Seepage 2 Joe the Order Man

Signs Of Water Seepage

Water seepage into your home’s foundation is usually fairly easy to spot. Be on the lookout for things that indicate moisture:


  • A musty smell
  • High humidity level
  • Mold on the walls
  • Paint that’s peeling or bubbling
  • Wall stains
  • Rust on items stored in the basement
  • Water on the basement floor

What Can You Do?

Call Joe to inspect your foundation walls both inside and outside, your foundation slab and crawlspace. Joe has over 35 years of experience moisture mapping homes to see where moisture may be intruding.

Joe Riley 720.527.8510