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Colorado’s ORIGINAL Mystery Dinner Theatre

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“Mama wouldn’t let us have a Halloween party when we had a body in the house!”

Before Marne and Carlos established Adams Mystery Playhouse as an interactive dinner theater, the Denver mansion housed a mortuary.

One of the early owners transformed the mansion into a mortuary in the early nineteen thirties. Long-time inhabitants of Denver can still recall attending funerals in the chapel pews.

Multiple generations grew up in the mortuary – such as the little girl who complained that she couldn’t host Halloween parties during a funeral.

In 2006, Marne and Carlos purchased the mansion for their dinner theater, in part, because of its long and unique history. They still have some of the original pews in the basement!

Today, people attending Adams Mystery Playhouse will laugh instead of crying.
The talented team of “improv” actors bring interactive theater to a new level, including the audience as characters in the show!

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Laugh with your friends over a meal, while together, you solve a murder!

Before Marne and Carlos founded Adams Mystery Playhouse, Marne travelled the world as an “improv” actress, entertaining our troops. She saw how much fun people have when they participate in the performance.

Marne believes everyone has a creative spark, but not everyone has a chance to express it so in a historic Denver mansion, she and Carlos have created a new level of interactive theater.

Adams Mystery Playhouse invites you to become part of the show!

Don’t worry; you won’t need to memorize any lines or brush up on your public speaking skills but don’t be surprised if the characters need you to become a key witness in their investigation!
Adams Mystery Playhouse has multiple rooms large enough for shows but small enough for an intimate experience – so on any given night, there could be two crime scenes happening at the same time!

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