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There’s only one way to do interactive theater right: with a team of talented “improv” actors!

Marne started out doing improv comedy shows for the troops, travelling with the DOD. When she and Carlos put down roots in Denver at the Adams Mystery Playhouse dinner theater, they decided to blend the classic “who-dunnit” with the dynamic energy of an improvisational sketch, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that keeps audiences coming back for more!

Their team of long-time performers has a knack for engaging the audience, encouraging you to participate in the story, so it’s never the same show twice! Something about that unique combination of a murder mystery, mixed with an improv comedy show, gets people out of their shells for a night of laugh-out-loud fun, guaranteed.

Bring along friends and family for an experience they won’t find anywhere else at the Adams Mystery Playhouse.

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The team at Adams Mystery Playhouse didn’t let Covid-19 beat them!

A fifties baby whose parents and grandparents lived through the Great Depression and two World Wars, Marne comes from a legacy of stubborn determination so when the pandemic hit, she and Carlos got creative to keep the business going.

Their dedicated team of performers started serving the food to save money; they began offering vouchers for people who had to cancel their tickets due to unexpected illness; they gave people the option to book a private table so they could remain socially distanced from other guests.

Marne and Carlos believe challenging times build resiliency. Thanks to their flexibility, they continue to offer audiences of all ages the chance to participate in the only interactive murder mystery comedy show in Denver!

Get out of the house and let go of the stress from the past couple of years.
Solve a murder as you laugh out loud over good food at Adams Mystery Playhouse.

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