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Dry Climate

Just because you live in a dry climate doesn’t mean you’re not dealing with indoor air quality issues.

Joe Riley originally moved to Colorado from Washington, and he sees the exact same problems in Denver homes that he saw in Seattle because indoor air quality issues stem from human error or building defects, not relative humidity.

Maybe the grout in your bathroom hasn’t been sealed in years, and water has gotten behind your tiles. Maybe it’s an issue stemming back to when the house was first built, like the location of the crawl space. Your furnace could be pulling air from a bad spot. Those problems have nothing to do with the dry Colorado air you breathe outside.

Here’s the good news: all of those human error issues and building defects are fixable! Joe rarely runs into an indoor air quality issue that can’t be solved in a few simple steps. For a one-time, very reasonable flat fee, Joe will tell you exactly what’s going on in your house and how to fix it.

AirTestCo Environmental Services.

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It’s Fixable

There’s nothing going on with the air in your house that can’t be fixed!

You tend to freak out when a home inspector finds a potential problem, but Joe “The Mold Man” Riley almost never runs into an air quality issue that can’t be solved. In a real estate transaction, the seller will still be able to sell, and the buyer will still be able to buy.

For a one-time, flat fee, Joe will find the source of the issue, determine the scope of the problem, and present the solution – so you can move forward with your life. The same goes for any health issues you may be experiencing, like that persistent cough.

Your doctor may have told you it’s mold in your house, but doctors are often wrong. Poor filtration is a more likely culprit! In many cases, Joe can eliminate mold as the source of your cough, instead finding something easier to fix like a dirty ventilation system an exposed crawl space or a gas line leak.

Indoor air quality does play a role in your overall health but it’s fixable!

Call 720.338.4395, fill out the form on this page or visit Joe the Mold Man’s website.

30 Plus Years of Experiance!

Airtestco has been providing Mold, Mycotoxin & Indoor Air Quality Testing & Building Investigations for over 30 years. After investigating thousands of commercial and residential properties our experience allows to us to determine causes of Indoor Air Quality Issues and Moisture Issues in structures.

Whether your a homeowner, business owner, real estate agent, home buyer/seller, landlord, school or medical facility feel assured we will get to the root of the issue if there is one. We not only do investigations we provide solutions to issues if your property has one.