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Excuses Cost You!

Health insurance is a must because accidents happen! It only takes one phone call with Dana Simmons as quick as 5 minutes and at no cost to you to get the appropriate coverage! Your monthly premiums could be as much as a pizza, two specialty coffees, or, on average, what two packs of cigarettes cost every month.

Excuses around not having the proper coverage when it comes to health insurance can cost you in the long run, but calling Dana Simmons is free. Even when you decide to sign on with Dana as your broker, her services are no extra cost to you.

You’re spending that money somewhere every month, so prioritize your health over small luxuries. Dana Simmons only wants to make sure you’re paid and compensated in a situation that compromises your health. When you’re not insured, you won’t get paid, and no one plans to get in an accident.

Call Dana Simmons now at 720.628.3931, or fill out the form on this page and get covered right today!

Laid Off

The process of finding insurance was difficult enough and now, you no longer work with the company you got that insurance from. Whether you were laid off, let go, or just decided it wasn’t a good fit you need the proper coverage!

Dana Simmons can help you insure yourself with a free 5 minute phone call.

Dana will help you find insurance that you can afford again, so call Dana right now at 720.628.3931, or fill out the form on this page.

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