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Dana Simmons provides options for anyone who calls needing health insurance. As a local, licensed agent who works as a broker, Dana has taken the tests required to offer three different kinds of health insurance plans: group policies, proprietary or individual plans and ACA plans.

Now, some of those policies don’t garner very much in the way of commission for Dana, but that’s not her priority. Other brokers may not even bother to offer some of those options because they won’t make a lot of money, but Dana sees it as good Karma: she helps you save money on a comprehensive medical policy; you will refer a friend or family member to her down the road, and everyone wins.

Dana always stays focused on recommending the most cost effective plan for each individual regardless of the benefit to herself. That’s the responsibility of a licensed agent: to have her clients’ best interests at heart at all times.

Call Dana Simmons at 720.628.3931 and know your options!


Instead of searching the internet for health insurance, call the local, licensed agent who will give you options in five to ten minutes.

Dana Simmons believes licensed health insurance agents have a responsibility to inform you about all of your options, including ACA, group, and individual plans. Many of Dana’s clients are blown away to learn about proprietary policies on the private market that could save them thousands!

Reach Dana Simmons directly at 720.628.3931

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