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You don’t know because you’ve never asked!

Your company doesn’t have a great health insurance policy, but you didn’t think you had another option. Since your employer pays part of your premium, you assumed that was your only cost-effective choice. You didn’t know because you didn’t ask! Dana Simmons could help you find better, more comprehensive coverage at comparable prices.

In many cases, private health insurance gives you greater freedom to shop for a policy with lower family deductibles, saving you money in the long-term. Make one free phone call to Dana Simmons, and she will gladly compare your employer’s plan to the individual policies available on the private market. Because Dana Simmons sells private health insurance, not group policies, you don’t need to wait for open enrollment to call her.

You can switch off your employer’s plan anytime!

Don’t stay stuck on your employer’s health insurance.
Know your options!
Call 720.628.3931

Instead of shopping for health insurance online, ask Dana Simmons to compare policies for free.

Here’s what happens when you try to search for health insurance online. You think you’re on the website of a reputable insurance company, but you’re actually on a deceptive website that collects your personal information and sells it to call centers.

You start getting phone calls from agents who may not even be licensed to sell insurance!

Meanwhile, that deceptive website holds onto your information for months, selling it over and over to even more call centers, generating even more phone calls.

The state of Colorado has stringent requirements for a licensed health insurance agent. Not only has Dana Simmons met those requirements, but she also has access to a wide range of proprietary policies only available to a licensed agent.

Instead of being tied to one insurance company, Dana can shop the whole market of private, individual plans.

Your information is safe with her: 720.628.3931

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