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Celia Zaharas will help you find your reason to move on.

After all those years of accumulating memories and stuff, selling your house will feel bittersweet. You need a compelling reason that will motivate you during the not-so-fun parts of moving like getting rid of all that stuff!

Legends’ realtor Celia Zaharas empowers Seniors to leave behind their homes of many decades, experiencing lives of greater freedom.

Freedom looks different for everyone.
For you, freedom may mean a property with less upkeep, a home closer to your family or a house in the country surrounded by wide-open spaces. Whatever your reason, Celia will help you talk through your future goals without pressuring you to make a decision. Then, she will keep you focused on the future, holding your hand during the process of de-cluttering and preparing the house for sale.

Remember why you want to do this!

It’s not a transaction; it’s a relationship.

People who have lived in their homes for decades need a different kind of realtor.
After all this time, moving feels harder. Not only have you accumulated decades of stuff but decades of memories, too!

You need a guide to walk you patiently through the process of de-cluttering.

Celia Zaharas earned the designation Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) because of her passion for setting people free from physical and emotional obstacles. Many real estate agents take a transactional approach to home sales.

They will post your property online, show the house, and send you the paperwork not much more. Celia works with her clients for months in advance, developing personal relationships that last long after the sales close. Without Celia’s gentle guidance, many of her clients would have remained stuck in houses that no longer fit their goals.

Call Celia Zaharas with Colorado Home Realty for the confidence to move on: 303.949.3107

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