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Celia Zaharas

How to Price

Celia Zaharas with Colorado Home Realty will help you find the right price for your home, creating a bidding war that will motivate buyers to move quickly.

Pricing your home accurately requires a real estate agent who adjusts her strategies based on the market conditions in your neighborhood right now. Too high, and you risk sitting for days without offers, which could make the property look bad. People start to wonder what’s wrong with it. Too low, and you risk leaving money on the table.

One of Celia’s clients recently received forty thousand dollars more at closing than their neighbors: two very similar properties sold around the same time. Celia chose a more aggressive price based on the market of that day not the market a few months prior.

It’s still a seller’s market, but you need a realtor who will recommend a listing price based on the most current market conditions, so you receive the highest possible offers.

Call Celia Zaharas with Colorado Home Realty now for a consultation: 303.949.3107

Go Ahead and Sell

Your house might be more ready to go on the market than you think! Celia Zaharas helps Seniors overcome the obstacles holding them back from selling their homes.

You feel daunted by the amount of work that needs to be done, imagining how long it would take to get your house ready to sell, but Celia has an expert eye for knowing what needs to happen now and what can wait.

In some cases, you’re better off doing a few small home projects to spruce up the place, leaving the major remodeling for the next homeowner. Someone will be so excited to remodel their way, turning your fixer-upper into their dream home. You can still get a great price for the property without wasting time and money on remodeling!

As for those little projects standing in your way, Celia will help you cross the finish line, whether you need her to find a carpet company that will do the work quickly or pick out a vanity for your bathroom.

Call the hands on realtor, Celia Zaharas with Colorado Home Realty, now at 303.949.3107

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