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Surge Protection

Think about what you have at home right now that could be damaged in a surge. The average home is exposed to thousands of electrical surges every day. Protect yourself from a potentially harmful electrical surge with Absolute Electrical, Heating, and Air today.

Most of these surges are harmless, but without the proper surge protection, you face permanent damage to major electrical components. Anything plugged in without internal surge protection is at risk including your refrigerator, furnace, air conditioning, or dishwasher.

Safeguard your assets with surge protection installed in under an hour by Absolute Electrical, Heating, and Air. Newer appliances usually contain computer chips that are more expensive to replace than to protect.

At that point, considering the current chip shortage and wait times you might as well buy the appliance again!

Avoid potential loss get a whole home surge protector installed by Absolute Electrical, Heating, and Air.

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Quiet Cool: Energy Efficiency

It pays off to be cool when you make an investment with a Quiet Cool fan system. You keep the heat away and get your money back in energy savings! You get a return on your energy efficiency when you get a Quiet Cool system installed by Absolute Electrical, Heating and Air that pays for itself with how much money you can save.

Quiet Cool systems save you between 50 and 90 percent on your air conditioning costs. The motor inside works efficiently to pull hot, stuffy air out of the house and replace it with clean, fresh air!

According to the US Department of Energy whole house fans, including your new Quiet Cool are the most energy efficient way to cool your home.

With the energy savings from your Quiet Cool installation done by the experts at Absolute, you’ll be paying yourself back for years to come.

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Mention Legends radio and you’ll get a $300 rebate when your install is completed.

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